Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I find your guides?
Our guides can be found in most stores that sell games, as well as bookstores and some toy stores. You can also order many of our current titles from this site. Check out the Strategy Guides page for a complete list of titles. If you find the title you want, click the ADD TO CART button to start your order.

How do I redeem my code?
Look for the “Coupon Code” text on the ordering screen. Just fill in your code in the blank form underneath “Coupon Code” to redeem.

I am having trouble ordering a guide online.
Visit our Contact Us page and select "Billing and Order Questions" from the pull-down list and our Customer Service team will help you place an order.

How do I download an electronic product?
When you purchase an eBook from, you will receive a link in your Order Confirmation e-mail to download the PDF, or access the non-DRM PDF via your Account page. Read our Non-DRM PDF FAQ.

To view DRM-encrypted eBooks you'll need:

  • Adobe Reader 7.x, or the free Adobe Digital Editions software. Adobe Reader and Adobe Digital Editions software only works for Macintosh and Windows. The Linux and Unix versions of Adobe Reader do not have the plug-ins required to decrypt the eBook.
  • Adobe Reader DRM Activation (for eBooks). Usually Adobe Reader activates during the download process, but sometimes it helps to do it manually at Adobe's website. Just go to

If you encounter difficulties downloading or accessing your purchased electronic products please visit our eBook service provider's eBook Help Center. If these resources cannot solve your problem, please visit our Contact Us page, and select billing and order questions page from the drop down list, and our customer service team will help you.

I downloaded a PDF file from your site and I can't view it.
You need the Adobe Acrobat Reader to view this file. Download it for free from

I've ordered a book, but would like to cancel it. Or I haven't received my book yet. What should I do?
Any question relating to book orders/payments should go to our Contact Us page and select "Billing and Order Questions" from the pull-down list, then fill out the form with your question.

How are your coupon discounts calculated?
If a coupon is for a percentage off the "list" price, then the discount percentage is calculated off the full price of the book. List prices are indicated on the product pages in our catalog.

If a coupon is for a percentage off the "already discounted" price, then it is calculated after your 30% membership discount is applied (you must be registered and logged in to receive that discount). So for example, a logged-in site member with a 20% coupon would have his or her 30% membership discount calculated first, and then the 20% coupon savings would be taken off that subtotal. The membership and coupon discounts are applied consecutively and are not combined.

How can I find out more about the ESRB rating system?
Click here for more information on ESRB.

Are you doing a guide on ____?
Go to our Guides page. If the game itself has already been published and you don't see the title on our site, then there's a good chance we will not publish a guide on that game. However, if the game is not yet available, we may be planning a guide. In that case, check back to when the game is closer to release.

I can't find this book anywhere, can I get a copy.
Go to our Strategy Guides page, if you don't see it, it is out of print and no longer available. You may be able to find it online at the big bookstores. Check out or If they don't have any copies, they may have access to a used copy.

I'm interested in forging a licensing relationship with BradyGames. How do I go about doing this?
All licensing questions should be directed here.

My game won't work or there is something wrong with my game?
Contact the retailer where you purchased the game or the publisher of the game. The game publisher's URL is usually on the game box.

Can I use the art from your site for my site?
No. The respective game developers and publishers hold the copyrights to the game art on this site. We cannot grant authorization to other parties to use any of these images for any purpose.

I am looking for Brady Books, not BradyGames books.
Brady publishes texts, multimedia programs, instructor packages, and online resources for all levels of EMS training, as well as first aid and fire science. You can find them at

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