BradyGames Digital Products

BradyGames has gone digital! Brady is now offering a line of digital products to enhance your gaming experience.

BradyGames Apps

BradyGames is dedicated to providing content in a variety of ways in the digital realm and one of those methods is the ever-popular app. By taking content from our traditional printed strategy guide, we can re-package it in a different format that allows for ease of use for gamers on the go!

BradyGames Videos

What better way to learn how to do something than to actually watch it being done? Well, that's where BradyGames comes in! We create high-quality strategy videos for some of our best titles. You can find these videos on our BradyGames Strategy Feed App, or in the Xbox Live Marketplace. To find our videos on XBLM, just search for "BradyGames" to find all our gaming goodness!

BradyGames e-Pubs

We’ve heard the requests and we’re responding! BradyGames is expanding its reach into the digital realm by providing e-pub versions of our strategy guides. We want to make sure that our fans have the ability to access their strategy content whenever they like, whether it’s in the printed guide form or the digital form on a tablet, phone or some other device. Check back often for updates on your favorite titles!

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