Online World of Warcraft Binder

BradyGames’ Online World of Warcraft Binder is the perfect way to upgrade your Official World of Warcraft Strategy Guide experience! If you’ve already purchased the strategy guide, this exclusive online binder will unlock the exclusive content available to the collector edition World of Warcraft binder set.  If you haven’t purchased the strategy guide, but are interested in the updates, this collectible 3-ring binder is a great way to store your current downloads and act as a companion to all your gathered World of Warcraft information! 

BradyGames’ Online World of Warcraft Binder features a faction-specific design on each side of the product–one side displays the Horde and the other side displays the Alliance cover of the software. Included in each binder is a special registration code to register for the binder-only content available at  

This offer is available for a limited time only! Get yours today!