Kingdom Hearts II Limited Edition Strategy Guide

The Kingdom Hearts II Limited Edition Strategy Guide has two books inside — Jiminy's Journal and the Signature Series Official Strategy Guide — making it the ultimate Kingdom Hearts II collectible!


Record your progress through the entire game in Jiminy's Journal. Use more than 400 stickers to help you keep track of Characters, Treasures, Albums, Maps, Missions, and Mini-Games!


The Signature Series Official Strategy Guide includes:

Walkthroughs: Extensive coverage of every world. Subtle hints for area-specific objectives, detailed strategies and tips, and illustrated maps packed with callouts!


Gummi Ship Foldout: Two-sided foldout contains expert tactics to decisively win each Gummi Ship battle, plus cool artwork of the heroes in their alternate costumes!


Expert Boss Tactics: Our proven techniques and tips will ensure a quick and painful demise for every boss!


Bestiary: A comprehensive analysis of each enemy in the game, including strengths, weaknesses, and their attacks.


Gummi Garage: Construct a top-notch Gummi Ship with an all-inclusive list of blueprints and various blocks.


Every Mini-Game Revealed: Master each mini-game with uncanny efficiency. Try to beat the times set by the BradyGames editors!


Exclusive Cover: Each Limited Edition features our Signature Series guide with one of four very special cover designs, not available anywhere else!


Plus much more: A comprehensive list of items, magic spells and summons -- it's all here!

Platform: PlayStation 2

Genre: Role-Playing Game


This product is available for sale in North America only.