World of Warcraft Strategy Collection

BradyGames’ World of Warcraft Strategy Collection includes the following:

  • Atlas - The complete World of Warcraft Atlas identical in every way, resized and in soft cover.  Players can hold Azeroth in the palm of their hand!
  • Master Guide, Second Edition — Over 3500 quests, completely new items, expanded class abilities and talents, this guide has everything a player will need.
  • Dungeon Companion — From 5-person groups to 40-person raids, this essential guide gives players everything they need to take down the biggest baddies and attain the rarest of treasure.
  • 3 Penny Arcade World of Warcraft Bookmarks — A special collector’s set of three double-sided Penny Arcade comic bookmarks make this gift pack truly one of a kind.

Platform: PC

Genre: Role-Playing Game

This product is available for sale worldwide.