THE LAST REMNANT Signature Series Guide

An Epic Journey Unfolds

Rush Sykes is the son of world-renowned scientists who have dedicated their lives to the study of Remnants. He grew up with his sister on an isolated island - blissfully unaware of the power struggle that has been taking place on the continent. When Rush’s sister Irina is kidnapped by a contingent of mysterious soldiers, his carefree existence comes to a jarring halt and he is forced to begin a desperate search for her.


Spoiler-Free Walkthrough

Use our detailed and spoiler-free walkthrough to guide Rush and his allies through the dungeons, caverns, and cities of the continent.


Full Side Quest Coverage

Discover all of the extra items, money, and abilities that you can earn from optional guild tasks and quests.


Combat Abilities and Arts

Study the various properties of Combat, Item, and Mystic Arts to prepare your troops for battle.


Arms and Equipment

A complete listing of the arms and armament in the world of THE LAST REMNANT. Learn the details of each weapon, accessory, and armor Also, discover unique and powerful items to aid you in your campaign.


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Platform: Xbox 360

Genre: Role-Playing Game