VALKYRIE PROFILE: Covenant of the Plume Official Strategy Guide

Destiny Awaits a Vengeful Soul!

Wylfred was only a small boy when the valkyrie claimed his father’s soul. In the agony of the aftermath he swore his revenge. Now that he has become a man, the time has come for him to exact his vengeance. It is known that the valkyrie attends to the valiant in battle, so Wylfred storms off to combat to meet her…


Comprehensive Walkthrough: Our detailed walkthrough takes you through every stage and offers the best tactics for every map.


Detailed Tactical Maps: Learn the layout of each battle before you arrive on the field. We provide the best strategic route for every stage.


Full Bestiary: Discover the strengths and weaknesses of every enemy and exploit them to emerge victorious.


Statistical Data for Weapons and Items: Equip your characters with the best weapons and items available for each scenario.


Complete Coverage of the Seraphic Gate Bonus Dungeon!


Platform: Nintendo DS

Genre: Role-Playing Game