X-Men Origins: Wolverine Official Strategy Guide

From the Jungles of Africa to the Weapon X Facility...

It’s Time for the World’s Ultimate Human Weapon to Settle the Score


Detailed Walkthrough Coverage

Maps and strategy for all five chapters in the game. Specific fighting tactics and navigation techniques will lead you to easy victory. Area Maps pinpoint hidden items.


Game-Tested Boss Tactics

Proven tactics to defeat Creed, Gambit, Blob and others. Learn about their weaknesses and the most efficient ways to cause major damage!


Complete Listing of Achievements & Trophies

Comprehensive rundown of every Xbox 360 Achievement and PlayStation 3 Trophy. Specific strategies for unolocking the more complex ones are included in the walkthrough.


Find Every Action Figure & Hidden Dog Tag

Leave no hidden item unfound! Each action figure and Dog Tag is revealed in the walkthrough and identified on the area maps.


Platform: Xbox 360, PS3, PS2, Wii

Genre: Action/Adventure