Bioshock Signature Series E-Guide

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Bioshock Signature Series E-Guide

 BradyGames’ BioShock PS3 Signature Series E-Guide includes the following:

  • A comprehensive walkthrough of the underwater Utopia, Rapture.
  • Illustrated Maps: Discover the best route to each of your objectives and learn the location of every safe, secret, and enhancement that this strange world holds.
  • Evolve Today: Uncover the secret powers of plasmids and unlock your genetic potential. With these genetic mutations you can shock, freeze, and incinerate enemies, use telekinesis to move objects, and enrage foes to make them fight against each other.
  • U-Invent: Use our guide to create valuable upgrades to all of your weapons.
  • Completely updated for PlayStation 3!

Platform: PlayStation 3

Genre: Shooter