Gears of War 2 Signature Series E-Guide

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Gears of War 2 Signature Series E-Guide

Look Death in the Eye and Bare Your Teeth

The next chapter in one of the most popular Xbox 360 games in history is about to unfold. Six months have passed, and humanity’s desperate struggle for survival continues on both epic and personal levels. BradyGames’ official Signature Series guide leads you through every Locust encounter, every gripping battle, from start to finish!


Developed On-Site at Epic Games!

Created with direct input from the game designers at Epic while on-site in their own studio. This guide is the only source for tactics, data, and insight straight from the pros!


Exhaustive Campaign Coverage
Custom tailored to how players approach the game, our walkthrough guides you through all five campaign acts. We provide exactly the information you need - when you need it. We break down each chapter into its individual encounters, outline enemy presence at a glance, and supply in-depth tactics when you want more detail.


Detailed Single-Player and Multiplayer Maps
Our maps depict every area in the game. We pinpoint mission objectives, collectible locations, weapons and ammo, and more! Multiplayer maps provide mode-specific callouts, illustrate team strategies, and identify enemy paths and chokepoints!


Unprecedented Multiplayer Content
We give you the level maps and then take you further. Maximize your combat effectiveness with multiplayer-specific weapon stats, along with pickup location and cycle data. Lock down any match with enemy spawn points and specialized tactics for each game mode and map. Dominate team play with role-based strategies and expanded coverage of the addictive new Horde mode!


That’s Not All!
Complete Achievement Reference
Co-Op Campaign Strategy
Every War Journal Collectible
Expert Combat Training
Character and Enemy Bios
Developer Tips and Tricks



Platform: Xbox 360

Genre: Shooter