FINAL FANTASY CRYSTAL CHRONICLES: The Crystal Bearers Official Strategy Guide

A Thrilling New Adventure!

A mysterious new force has appeared and it is upsetting the natural balance of the kingdom. Groups of strange and deadly monsters have sprung up and are terrorizing the citizens. Have these events been caused by tampering with the fragments of the Yuke Crystal, or could this threat be the result of an ancient Yuke Tribe curse?


Comprehensive Walkthrough

Activate Layle’s crystal bearer powers and guide him through all of the difficult obstacles in his journey to uncover the truth.


Detailed Maps

Consult our detailed maps to find important locations, valuable treasure, and fearsome foes.


Medal Collection

Use our detailed guide to obtain all 330 Medals in the game!


Items and Accessories

Enhance Layle’s crystal bearer abilities with many stylish accessories. Hunt rare Materials to craft unique items that can boost stats and add special abilities.



Platform: Wii

Genre: Action/Adventure