Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars Official Strategy Guide (PSP) E-Guide

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Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars Official Strategy Guide (PSP) E-Guide



MISSIONS: Maps and strategy for all missions - including Trading Commodities, Hijacking Shipments, and all operations outside of the main story. We guide you through every stage of the action to achieve 100% completion.


MAPS: Always know where you’re going with our route maps for every mission. And find everything you’re looking for anytime you need it with our detailed pickup and collectible maps — health, weapons, Unique Stunt Jumps, Security Cameras, and much more.


ODD JOBS: Master the myriad other activities in Liberty City when you’re not in a mission - classic favorites from Vigilante and Rampages to Time Trials and PCJ Playgrounds, as well as some new Odd jobs like Scratch Cards and Molotov Making.


MULTIPLAYER: Complete coverage of Multiplayer.


PLUS: Random Encounters, Hijacking, and everything else that’s part of Grand Theft Auto Chinatown!



More missions, Rampages, PCJ Playgrounds, and bonus Heli-Tours — all included in our expanded coverage!



Platforms: PlayStation Portable

Genre: Action/Adventure