Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 Signature Series E-Guide

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Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 Signature Series E-Guide

Prepare for Deployment

The multiple Game of the Year-winning Call of Duty: Modern Warfare series makes its highly anticipated return, upping the ante on all counts. Devastating new weapons and attachments, more compelling perks, exciting new game modes, more character class options, a gripping new campaign – more of everything you love about the uncompromising Call of Duty experience! Master it all with this essential Signature Series guide!


Incomparable Multiplayer Coverage
We provide all the tools to maximize your multiplayer experience. Optimize your combat effectiveness with our analysis of every perk, weapon, attachment, camouflage, and more! Our Create a Class recommendations ensure you pick the perfect loadout. Expert tactics for team-based and solo play, Killstreak and Deathstreak bonuses, ranks, and much more!


Comprehensive Walkthrough Covers Every Mission
We lead you through all 18 campaign missions, as well as all 23 Special Ops missions. Engagement-based strategy gets you through every skirmish. Co-op tactics help you get the most from your Spec Ops partner!


Exhaustive Multiplayer and Single-Player Maps
We give you maps for every campaign and Spec-Ops mission, as well as every multiplayer level. We reveal Intel and objective locations, spawn points, mounted guns, and much more. Custom versions of each MP map reveal crucial locations for every game mode!


There’s More!
We reveal the Achievements and Trophies, unlockable weapons and attachments, cool game features, novel play modes, challenges, and much more!



Platform: PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, and PC

Genre: Shooter


Pages 17 and 93: Act1, Mission 02 and Act 3, Mission 03 maps with callouts

Over-Under Class on Pages 230, 231
The SECONDARY/ATTACHMENT table entry on page 230 should read as “N/A” (instead of “M93 Raffica / Holographic Sight”). The second paragraph on page 231 is now obsolete, except for the last two sentences that talk about the Throwing Knife, which are still accurate. Luckily, because this ‘Over-Under’ loadout uses the ‘One Man Army’ Perk, the fact that it now lacks a secondary weapon isn’t a big deal. This is because ‘One Man Army’ Perk allows the player to switch classes at any time. So, if the player discovers that he needs a close-range weapon more often than he expected, then he can just switch classes to get a suitable weapon.

Predator Class on Page 254
The SECONDARY/ATTACHMENT table entry on page 254 should read as “Ranger / FMJ” (instead of “Ranger / Silencer & FMJ”). The Ranger does not have a silencer attachment.