Red Dead Redemption Signature Series E-Guide

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Red Dead Redemption Signature Series E-Guide

BradyGames’ Red Dead Redemption Signature Series Strategy Guide includes the following:

  • MISSIONS & MORE: Maps and strategy for all three Acts of the Main Story missions, plus of everything else required to achieve 100% completion--including Nightwatch, Horse-breaking, Strangers, Challenges, Hunting, and all Mini-games.
  • MAPS: Our detailed maps and descriptions reveal precise locations for all collectibles and side missions. Find Gang Hideouts, Wanted Poster & Bounty targets, Treasure Maps & Chests, Wildflowers, Hunting spots, and more!
  • WEAPONS & GOODS: Stats for every weapon in your arsenal and market value for all items that can be bought and sold in shops.
  • RED DEAD BASICS: Don’t enter the Frontier before you know the basics of traveling, camping, using cover, and fighting. We show you how to survive in the West.     
  • MULTIPLAYER: Complete coverage on all modes of Multiplayer--featuring pro tips from the Rockstar MP test team.
  • BONUS POSTER: Our exclusive, custom designed diagrams of the major towns and settlements identify all accessible buildings and points of interest in each area--all detailed in zoomed-in high resolution on both sides of this giant poster. You will not find this information presented so comprehensively anywhere else!


Platform: PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360

Genre: Shooter