L.A. Noire Signature Series

BradyGames’ LA Noire Signature Series Strategy Guide includes the following:




All Missions - A complete walkthrough to advancing your career and solving every case with a perfect score. We’ll guide you from Patrol duty, through the Traffic, Homicide, and Vice desks, all the way to the story’s thrilling climax.


City Maps - Find everything you’re looking for. We identify locations for all Landmarks and Collectibles, as well as critical mission waypoints.


Vehicle Showroom -Stats for all vehicles and where to find them, including the hidden rides you will not discover on your own!


Detective Training -This is your essential resource to collecting evidence, interrogating suspects, and using intuition to uncover the truth. Plus: coverage of all Street Crimes, Outfits, and everything you need to achieve 100% Completion!


Bonus DLC Maps & Strategy -Purchase this book and download our exclusive e-guide to DLC missions and collectibles for free!



Platform: PS3 & Xbox 360

Genre: Action/Adventure