Castlevania: Lords of Shadow Official Strategy Guide

BradyGames’ Castlevania: Lords of Shadow Signature Series Strategy Guide includes the following:


COMPLETE WALKTHROUGH: Guide Gabriel through shadow and death: dominate every boss, uncover every secret, and solve every puzzle!


EXHAUSTIVE WEAPON AND MAGIC DATA: Detailed information on each item Gabriel uses to drive back the darkness: the Combat Cross, its many attachments, Silver Daggers, Holy Water, and his amazing Relic Powers.


EXPERT BOSS TACTICS: Lay low the beasts of the night. Each titanic encounter is explained, with clear step-by-step positional and situational instructions.


FIND EVERY COLLECTIBLE: Find all the Magic Gems and Secondary Weapon Upgrades.


COMPREHENSIVE VISUAL COMBO SYSTEM: All combos are visually represented with buttons and hand drawn positional cues for the movements.


Platform: Xbox 360 & PlayStation 3

Genre: Action