Halo Reach Signature Series Guide

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Halo Reach Signature Series Guide

BradyGames’ Halo Reach Signature Series Guide includes the following:


COMPLETE CAMPAIGN COVERAGE: Learn the best path through every mission and gain valuable information about each pivotal encounter on the planet Reach.


EXHAUSTIVE MULTIPLAYER CONTENT:  Study our multiplayer intel to gain an edge on your competition. Learn the best ways to use Armor Abilities, pin your opponents at long range, slug it out at short range, hold important positions, rush objectives, maximize kills at choke points, and gain the upper hand online.


DETAILED SCORING AND ACHIEVEMENT GUIDES: Learn the intricacies of the Credit System, Ranks, Medals, Commendations, and how they affect your Armor customization options. Use our helpful guide to unlock all the Achievements in Halo Reach!


EXCLUSIVE RENDERED MAPS: Highly detailed maps for the Campaign, Firefight, and Multiplayer modes. Discover choke points and defensible positions, heavy weapon locations and powerful items, spawn points, hiding spots, and sniping locations. All on our easy to use maps!


EXTENSIVE FIREFIGHT COVERAGE: Discover tactics to prevent your team from being overrun in the co-op Firefight mode. Study our tactics to create a strategic defense and hold out against wave after wave of Covenant forces.


Platform: Xbox 360

Genre: Shooter/Adventure