James Bond Bloodstone Official Strategy E-Guide

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James Bond Bloodstone Official Strategy E-Guide

BradyGames’ Blood Stone 007 Official Strategy Guide includes the following:


  • COMPREHENSIVE WALKTHROUGH: Travel from Athens to Burma to stop an international bio-terrorist plot. Our comprehensive walkthrough has everything you need to finish the game no matter what difficulty you select.
  • UNCOVER EVERY PIECE OF INTELLIGENCE: There’s more to the international conspiracy than it first appears. Each well-hidden Intelligence document reveals a bit more of the story behind your mission.
  • MAPS OF EVERY LOCATION: Our detailed hi-res maps were specifically created to be used with the strategy text: cover spots, chokepoints, intel, hard-to-find enemies. We cover it all. You’ll know right where you are and exactly where you need to go.
  • MULTIPLAYER MAPS: Every map is laid bare for your eyes only. Maximize your team’s efficiency to meet any objective.



Platform: PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, PC

Genre: Action