Batman: Arkham City Signature Series Guide

BradyGames’ Batman Arkham City Signature Series Strategy Guide includes the following:




A year has passed since the riots at Arkham Asylum, and things are no better. The city’s criminals are being housed in the old slums of Gotham City, dubbed “Arkham City.” Although TYGER guard forces are active, violence is commonplace, and literally no one on the outside seems to care about what’s going on. Batman watches from the shadows. Something is changing inside Arkham City, and he’ll be there when things start to unravel. What will become of Arkham City and, better yet, the Batman?


COMPREHENSIVE WALKTHROUGH -Follow our game-tested strategies to take down the mostdangerous thugs in Arkham City. Plus, tips for achieving stealth takedowns and more.


AREA MAPS - A full complement of maps covering every area in the game makes gliding through the skies of Gotham a breeze. Important landmarks called out on every map allow for simple ease of use.


SIDE MISSIONS - Learn how to trigger all 12 side missions! A number of major characters are revealed by taking part in these missions.


RIDDLER’S SECRETS - Find the location of all the Riddler’s Trophies and solve all his enigmatic riddles. Area maps pinpoint the location of each hidden collectible, plus screenshots and tips for each one!


RIDDLER’S CHALLENGES - Get the lowdown on the plethora of challenge rooms unlocked throughout the game. Follow our tips to earn all 3 medals for Batman in Predator and Combat mode.




Platform: Xbox 360, PS3 and PC

Genre: Action