Duke Nukem: Forever Official Strategy E-Guide

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Duke Nukem: Forever Official Strategy E-Guide

BradyGames’ Duke Nukem Forever Official Strategy Guide includes the following:


Come Get Some


Duke’s been living a rock star’s life ever since he saved the Earth from the first alien invasion. He’s been hanging out in his penthouse suite, drinking beer, enjoying the ladies and…well…enjoying the ladies some more. But the aliens have returned once more, intent on stealing Earth’s women. And this doesn’t sit well with Duke. Not only are the aliens stealing all the hot babes, but they’re screwing up his life of leisure


COMPREHENSIVE WALKTHROUGH:Learn proven tips and tactics to defeat the alien infestation and save the Earth.Find out what it takes to pummel every hideous boss and locate all the bestweapons and items.


EXTENSIVE MULTIPLAYER COVERAGE: Every secret area revealed! Strategies & tactics for each game mode for all 10 multiplayer maps. Plus, learn about specific “hot routes” for each map.


WEAPONS: From the ever-popular RPG to the humiliating Shrink Ray, check out our comprehensive rundown of every butt-kickin’ weapon in Duke’s arsenal.


COMPLETE CHALLENGE LISTING: Entire listing of all 315 Challenges, the XP earned, and items unlocked. It’s all revealed!


AND MUCH MORE! Trophies & Achievements Extensive Enemy Analysis.



Platform: PS3, Xbox 360 and PC

Genre: Shooter