Captain America: Super Soldier Official Strategy Guide

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Captain America: Super Soldier Official Strategy Guide

BradyGames’ Captain America: Super Soldier Official Strategy E-Guide includes the following:


The Beginning of the First Avenger


Captain Rogers, you are meant to be the first super soldier. You’re stronger, faster, and better equipped for combat than any human alive. We’ve given you this gift for one reason: you will crush Red Skull and his army by any means necessary. Become Captain America™, the Sentinel of Liberty, face Red Skull’s army, and save the world from Cap’s villainous archenemies with this essential guide!


Two Complete Walkthroughs! We lead you step by step through Hydra’s massive castle on both Xbox 360/PS3and Nintendo Wii! Two different games, one comprehensive guide!


Detailed Maps! We diagram every area in the game and pinpoint mission-criticalitems, collectibles, and strategic locations all along the way!


Every Collectible! We reveal the location of every Schematic, Dossier Folder, Ceramic Egg, Intel Reel, Statuette, and much more—don’t miss a single one!


Expert Super Soldier Training! We show you the best way to use Cap’s superhuman abilities, legendary shield, and spectacular acrobatic precision to defeat Baron von Strucker, Madame Hydra, Iron Cross, Red Skull, and more!


That’s Not All! Fascinating Character Profiles, Achievements, Challenges, Unlockables, and much more!


Platform: X360, PS3 and Wii

Genre: Action