Diablo III Limited Edition Strategy Guide

BradyGames’ Diablo III Limited Edition Strategy Guide includes the following:



Save Sanctuary from the Forces of Hell


Hundreds of monsters and a host of evil horrors stand between you and your conquest to save Sanctuary. Myriad treasures and dangers await your exploration, and there’s only one place to go for salvation—right here.


Only in the Limited Edition:


  • Sculptured Metal Bookmark - Be one of the few to own this gorgeous, polished bronze bookmark featuring a multi-level relief of the terrifying Lord of Darkness.


  • Exclusive Art Section - Only in the LE, this incredible 48 page art section features the armor sets of Diablo III from concept to execution.


  •  Premium Hard Cover - All the game-tested strategies of our Signature Series packaged in a multi-level emboss hard cover with holographic foil and a premium finish.


  • Free Digital Copy - See code inside back cover.


Quest Guide

All four Acts, every Quest, 3D Town Maps, and exclusive Dungeon Tile Tactics.



Get the most out of all five classes. A complete rundown of all active and passive skills for each Hero.



A complete overview of the Diablo III crafting system.



A comprehensive listing of weapons, armor, and accessories.



All 240 creatures in the game, including critical stats and detailed.


Platform: PC and Macintosh

Genre: Role-Play