Spider-Man: Edge of Time Official Strategy Guide

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Spider-Man: Edge of Time Official Strategy Guide

BradyGames’ Spider-Man: Edge of Time Official Strategy E- Guide includes the following:


Time is running out


Can you prevent cataclysmic events from ripping apart the world and killing Spider-Man? Only by utilizing both web-slinging heroes and this guide can you overcome the death of Spider-Man.


Play as Amazing Spider-Man and Spider-Man 2099 - Cause and effect moments shape both the present and the future; the actions of one Spider-Man have an immediate effect on the world of the other Spider-Man.


Detailed Maps - Level maps include encounter-based callouts, Golden Spider locations, and Challenge locations and type.


Comprehensive Move List - Master the daring acrobatic agility of the Amazing Spider-Man and the awesome technology of Spider-Man 2099.


Expert Boss Strategies - Dominate every Boss with detailed tactics that ensure victory.


And Much More

·         Discover all the Golden Spiders

·         Overcome all the Challenges.



Platform: Xbox 360 and PS3

Genre: Action