Borderlands 2 Signature Series Guide

BradyGames’ Borderlands 2 Signature Series Strategy Guide includes the following:


Shoot, Loot & Joy Puke Your Face Off!


Crimson Raiders’ Path of Most Resistance - A complete walkthrough of the main story, featuring mapsfor every area, collectible locations, expert tips from thedevelopment team at Gearbox, and an A-to-Z index of all the optional missions.


Marcus Munitions Monthly - The massive Borderlands 2 arsenal is described as only Marcus could—with expertise and snark! It’s all here: damage calculators, weapon generation, the specialties of each manufacturer, and choosing the best weapon for your class. Plus, coverage of black market items (SDUs), class mods, relics, and more!


Sir Hammerlock’s Almanac of Pandoran Beasts - A bestiary of all creatures, big and bigger, in Pandora. Sir Hammerlock imparts his insights and observations—including a symposium on each species and mob family. Spawning locations, critical hit diagrams, likely drops, and loads of valuable stats!


Hyperion’s Most Wanted- A breakdown of all four classes. Get to know each character’spersonality and history, as well as the special abilities, skilltrees, and possible builds for solo play and co-op roles that willmake your Vault Hunter unique.


Claptrap’s Secret Vault - A quick reference to all challenges and Achievements/Trophies, along with a customizable heads gallery. Plus secrets!




Platform: X360, PS3 & PC

Genre: Shooter