Fuse Official Strategy Guide

What happened to Hyperion Base?

Alien technology and experimental weaponry held at Hyperion Base may fall into the wrong hands, potentially altering the global arms race in a devastating fashion. You must take control of the covert team known as Overstrike 9 to keep that from happening.


Secure Hyperion Base

A comprehensive walkthrough covers each step of the campaign, from first enemy contact to the final showdown with Raven’s forces. Class-Based Agents Build the best Overstrike 9 team with tips on everything from weapon choices, selecting Agent Skills, and assigning Team Perks.


Enemy Intelligence

A detailed breakdown of each enemy includes weak spots, health, weapon effectiveness chart, and tactics on how to defeat every unit.


Echelon Mode

In addition to a breakdown of the potential objectives for each wave, you get detailed analysis of each of the six Echelon Mode maps.


You Also Get:

·         Weapon Data

·         Intel Locations

·         Achievements and Trophies