Dead Island: Riptide Official Strategy Guide
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  • ISBN-13: 978-0-7440-1478-5
  • Published: Apr 23, 2013
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Dead Island: Riptide Official Strategy Guide

Survive the rising tides of Dead Island: Riptide with detailed maps, a comphensive walkthrough, and Zombiepedia. The BradyGames Dead Island: Riptide Official Strategy Guide is the perfect tool for surviving the new horrors that await you in the follow-up to the original blockbuster, Dead Island.


Just when you thought you’d made it out, the nightmare was just beginning.


Maps - Detailed maps of Palanai, including interior structures not available in the game.

·         Chests

·         Dead Zones

·         Quests

·         Points of Interest


·         Secret Files

·         Guides

·         Diaries

·         Postcards

·         Recordings

Co-Op Multiplayer - Palanai is twice as fun with friends. Take advantage of our co-op based tips, Survivor build strategies, and team quest section.


Comprehensive Walkthrough - Lead every Survivor through the monsoon-drenched island of Palanai, completing every quest and  finding every collectible.


Zombiepedia - Every shambling, sprinting, screaming, toxic,  fire, bile-filled, vomit-throwing undead piece of dripping flesh is covered, including Dead Zone bosses.


Survivor Guide - Every Survivor’s skill tree is broken down with leveling advice, and detailed descriptions of ability advantages, powerful Rage abilities, and introductory builds.




Platform: X360, PS3, and PC

Genre: Shooter