Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate Official Strategy E-Guide
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  • ISBN-13: 978-0-7440-1491-4
  • Published: Mar 14, 2013
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Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate Official Strategy E-Guide

Over 500 pages of the most critical data and tactics for becoming a Master Hunter! 


·         MONSTERS: All monsters, large and small, are covered in detail—including Damage Chart, Habitat, Size, Anger Effects, Tolerances, Part Durability, Breakable Parts, Carves, Rewards, Tears, and more.


·         WEAPONS: Our complete list features elemental attributes, how they're created, as well as each weapon's attack, strengths, and weaknesses.


·         ARMOR: Details and data for all armor—including rare, end game sets that are not covered in the Japanese guide.


·         MAPS: Gathering list and call-outs to important items in all 12 Zones for all difficulties.


·         QUEST LIST: Goals, prerequisites, locations, rank, and special notes for every quest in the game.


·         PLUS: Breakdown of all skills, Canteen menus, and Shakalaka abilities; plus comprehensive Hunting Basics and tons of other data!