Ultra Street Fighter IV Bible
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  • Published: Aug 4, 2014
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Ultra Street Fighter IV Bible

e-BuideThis e-guide/html strategy guide will load in any web browser and will adapt to any screen size without the need to zoom. (Please note this is not a PDF.)
&>Only the Ultra Street Fighter IV Bible from BradyGames provides the ultimate reference to Capcom's most famous fighting game!

Hitboxes and hurtboxes for every move in the game! The screenshots in this guide show all of the details that you cannot see in the game. Learn the reach and area of each attack to punish your foes.

Full frame data for the entire cast! Discover the startup, recovery, and active frames for each attack and learn each move’s advantages and disadvantages to get the most out of every character.

Comprehensive character strategy! Detailed strengths, weaknesses, and strategy for every character at every range. Tips and tactics from tournament veterans for establishing a gameplan and following it through to victory.

Reliable and situational combos for every character! Learn “bread and butter” combos for dependable damage in any stage of a match, coupled with combos that take advantage of specific matchups and special situations.