Batman: Arkham City Limited Edition

BradyGames’ Batman Arkham City Limited Edition Strategy Guide includes the following:


This Limited Edition guide to Batman: Arkham City is a must-have for every fan of The Dark Knight. Packed with game-tested strategies, gorgeous artwork and several cool extras, this guide is the true companion to the game.


TWO EXCLUSIVE COVERS- Two special covers—The Dark Knight or Catwoman! Printed on lustrous Pearlescent paper.


PIN-UP POSTER - Enjoy a pin-up poster featuring the two female leads of Batman: Arkham City— Harley Quinn & Catwoman. Each femme fatale appears in a seductive pose for your viewing pleasure.


6 LITHOS! - Each Limited Edition guide comes with 6 comic book-sized lithographs featuring Two-Face, Mr. Freeze, Harley Quinn, The Joker, The Riddler & The Penguin!


EXHAUSTIVEWALTHROUGHCOVERAGE- Follow our game-tested strategies to take down the villains attempting to overrun Arkham City. Plus, tips for achieving stealth takedowns, area maps and more!


SIDEMISSIONS - Learn how to trigger all 12 side missions! A number of major characters are revealed by finding and completing these tasks.


RIDDLER’S SECRETS - Find all the Riddler’s Trophies and solve all his enigmatic riddles. Area maps pinpoint the location of each hidden collectible, plus screenshots and tips for each one!


BONUS - CATWOMAN’S DLC EPISODES -Get complete coverage of Catwoman’s DLC content! All 4 episodes are revealed!



Platform: Xbox 360, PS3 and PC

Genre: Action, Crime