DmC: Devil May Cry Official Strategy Guide

BradyGames’ DmC: Devil May Cry Signature Series Guide includes the following:





Meet Dante. He knows he isn’t human, but he also knows that he is not like the demons that have

tormented him his entire life. Now he is caught between the worlds of “reality” and Limbo. He feels like an outcast, but he is finally coming to terms with his own powers. Will they be strong enough to dispatch an entire horde of hellish enemies? You bet they will!


100% Walkthrough Covers the Highest Difficulty

A complete walkthrough of the game based on Nephilim, the hardest normal difficulty mode, with tips and sidebars throughout the walkthrough that cover even more  hardcore difficulty modes including Son of  Sparda, Heaven or Hell, Hell and Hell, and  Dante Must Die! All the information you  need to master the game!


Illustrated Maps

The maps in this guide point out the locations of every Lost Soul, hidden key, and Secret Mission in the game for 100% completion.


Keepin’ It Stylish!

Use the strategies in this guide to pull off a SSS ranking in every mission. Follow our tips to maximize damage, evade deadly attacks to achieve important damage buffs, multiply Style points, and save time during the game’s most difficult encounters.


Enemy Strategies

Detailed information for taking down every type of foe in the game in the most efficient way possible.


Secret Missions

Learn tricks for completing every Secret Mission  for gameplay bonuses!




Platform: X360, PS3, and PC

Genre: Action