Crysis 3 Official Strategy Guide

BradyGames’ Crysis 3 Official Strategy Guide includes the following:

The Hunted Becomes the Hunter!

In 2047, New York City lies in ruin. The corrupt CELL Corporation covered the city with a Nanodome, where its forces continue to battle the alien Ceph and holdout humans who want to end CELL’s unprecedented influence over the governments of the world. Will you become the Prophet the people of the world need and shine as a beacon of freedom?

One Adventure, Two Paths to Success - If you prefer a stealthy approach or if you choose to blast through enemies with blazing weapons, we have you covered.Two walkthroughs—Stealth and Action—show you distinct ways to clear each mission. We also provide recommended Nanosuit customization packages for any style of play.

In-Depth Multiplayer Coverage - Whether you’re an experienced player or new to the Crysis franchise, you’ll find plenty in this guide to give you an advantage over the competition. In addition to the basics for the eight multiplayer modes, we provide advanced tactics for playing offensively and defensively. You also get points of interest and weapon spawns marked on each of the 12 initial multiplayer maps.

And Much More!

  • Weapon Data
  • Nanosuit Upgrade Modules
  • Enemy Units and Defenses
  • CELL Intel Locations
  • Achievements and Trophies

Platform: X360, PS3, and PC

Genre: Shooter