Civilization V: Brave New World
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  • Published: Jul 9, 2013
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Civilization V: Brave New World

e-BuideThis e-guide/html strategy guide will load in any web browser and will adapt to any screen size without the need to zoom. (Please note this is not a PDF.)

Whether you're making the leap directly from Civilization V, or coming from the Gods & Kings expansion, the official e-guide for Civilization V Brave New World is your guide to every updated or new game play feature.

  • You get tips and tactics for the nine new civilizations that have joined the battle for world domination, as well as how the revisions to game play affect existing civilizations.
  • Extensive coverage of the changes to Ideologies, Trade Routes, and Diplomacy. Diplomacy's role has expanded with the addition of the World Congress, an organization that precedes the United Nations. You'll learn how to influence voting to your benefit.
  • Strategies for single player campaigns and multiplayer games are enhanced with a sample game of each. The section provides unique insight into the author's plans as they develop and their reactions to how things turn out.
  • In addition, coverage for both scenarios in Brave New World (American Civil War, and the Scramble for Africa) is included. If you want to rewrite history, you need the exclusive e-guide to Civilization V Brave New World!

Platform: PC

Genre: Strategy