Dead Rising 3 Official Strategy Guide
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  • Published: Nov 22, 2013
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Dead Rising 3 Official Strategy Guide

Los Perdidos - Escape or Die!

A decade after the infamous zombie outbreak in Fortune City, the unthinkable has happened again. Los Perdidos, one of California’s largest cities, is crawling with zombies. Nick Ramos, a resourceful mechanic, must join a motley band of fellow survivors to escape before an impending military strike annihilates the city[md]and everyone in it. Discover the most effective and cunning ways to survive, distract, and combat the zombie horde with the comprehensive coverage in this guide.

100% Story Walkthrough

We lead you step-by-step through the entire game. Complete every Chapter Mission and Side Mission, saving Stranded Survivors and adding to Nick’s posse along the way.

Detailed Maps of Los Perdidos

Navigate the massive city of Los Perdidos and find all of the 200+ collectibles. We provide the location of every Blueprint, Book, Limited Edition Frank West Statue, Tragic Ending, ZDC Speaker, and more! The City Directory also displays every shop, restaurant, and store in each district.

Combine and Conquer Weapons Galore 

Our extensive Weapons Locker chapter includes every base weapon, combo weapon, and super combo weapon in the game. Learn recipe combinations and the brutal details for every item in Nick’s makeshift arsenal.

Earn Prestige Points in Style

Maximize Prestige Points using the strategies in this guide and level up Nick. Learn the best ways to win gold in the 25 Survival Training events, and conquer all 59 PP Trials!


- Enemies

- Vehicles

- Clothes

- Food

- SmartGlass Tips

- Achievements

Platform: XBox One

Genre: Action, Horror